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S.O.U.L. PRESS RELEASE: 5 May 2003

SOUL Website Launch

The steering group for S.O.U.L. (Shetland & Orkney Udal Law group) got into full swing today with the launch of their website: www.UdalLaw.com

The site details the advantages to Shetland and Orkney to having control over the sea and seabed around their islands as is their right under Udal Law. It shows how feudal law was illegally superimposed over the older (and never repealed) Udal Law and how, with the abolition of feudal law in April, the islands automatically revert to Udal Law.

Many people think that Udal Law is a relic of the past, but recent developments in the European Union prove otherwise. David Heathcoate-Amory's Amendment to the Convention on the new European Constitution achieved European Recognition of Udal Law in April this year.
From a position of being against, the Scottish Law Commission then did a U-Turn and now supports Udal Law.

For obvious reasons the Scottish executive is against a move that would allow its oldest colony to regain control of its fisheries and oil, and are making every effort to 'harmonise' all of Scotland, including the Northern Isles.

Shetland and Orkney have a unique opportunity to grasp greater control over their future at this critical time.

SOUL is expecting to get wide public support for its campaign to restore Udal Law and campaign details are being developed.

People are urged to fill in the petition form on the website to show their support. Petitions are also available to sign in most the of the country shops around Shetland.



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S.O.U.L. is a non-profit, non-political voluntary organisation working on behalf of the people of Shetland and Orkney. This website is intended to stimulate open discussion and will inevitably change as we find out more. is appreciated.